Burning For Peace

A Native of California, Melitza Rose's Love of Art was influenced early on. While growing up in The 60's in San Francisco she was captured by the original flash art created for music venues at Fillmore West & Winterland Arena's located in Lower Pacific Heights.

Melitza was captured by color & the Popular "classic" posters announcing tour dates for the likes of Jefferson Airplane, Santana, Joplin, Traffic, The Dead, Hendrix & Humble Pie. Driven by the intricately detailed abstracts exhibiting bold-color, flowing-shadows, shapes & Faces, Melitza began drawing with pencil, pen & ink & eventually lured Acrylic onto the canvas.

Third Generation Greek-Portuguese, she remembers being highly encouraged by her Mother to developed her unique sense of style drawing & painting while her Father provoked an inspiration to document life photographically.

"I never studied formally. I took Art & Interior Design classes in College, participated in the local ceramic club & a few writing buffets and I got in where I fit in".

Melitza has worked in the Luxury Hotel/Restaruant Hospitality-Service Industry for nearly 40 years. Serving the likes of four US Pesidents and many a high profile-celebrity type. After serving seven of the "Leading Hotels of the World" over the course of her career... Melitza claims she is clearly a Foodie!

With a passion for travel and having visited, among other US City Galleries, Museums of Greece, France, Italy, England, South America, Mexico and India Melitza see's art through worldly eyes. "We are all creative beings. Everyone has the ability to create" 

Melitza finds her Serenity and inspiration in the surrounding nature of the Southwest. Once upon a time I thrived on the Rugged coast of Nor-Cal and played in the drama So Cal's Hollywood ,my Love is for New Mexico The Land of Enchantment as is my Source of peace.

"My Art is partially influenced by passing moods and everything else I encounter and am influenced by  in life. I aim to create part that lend a touch of light & simplicity to reflect the Goodness of Humanity. 

For the Love of Art...Enjoy!

 ~Melitza Rose

Melitza currently Lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico as she continues her journey, uncovering and expanding the landscape of her Life.

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